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Purchasing Your Gold

Jeffrey and Company Jewelers will purchase your gold, gold coins, platinum, and silver at a fair and competitive price. We accept gold of any karat or color. Silver should be stamped STERLING or 925, 800, 850 or 999.

Whether you have rings, earrings (singles or pairs), bracelets, chains, pins, pendants, watches or any jewelry or silver that is damaged or unusable, come see us. We shall inspect and evaluate each item and answer any questions. Metals will be tested, weighed and priced in your presence based on the current market rate.


Just come in at your convenience.


Your transactions are confidential. We totally understand the emotions that can accompany this experience and always remember that it is “your decision”. We can pay you or, if you wish, you can “trade” your items towards a new purchase.

Questions About Selling Your Jewelry?

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